Proper Care Of The Male Sex Organ

45yu768kujh6In today’s society where moral decadence takes center stage, a real man is measured by the size of his ‘manhood.’ It is believed to be the one organ in a man’s body that guarantees him confidence and virility especially in bedroom affairs. The average man feels on top of the world when during or after a sexual encounter with his partner, he gets the comments his ears long to hear. That he is the man and that he did great. But there is more to the penis than just satisfying a woman or sustaining an erection any time he reads or watches erotic material. It was placed there as a means through which generations are kept alive up to date. It’s time the real men stood up for what was right and treated this ‘guy’ with the respect it deserves.

Taking care of the dick

Taking good care of it is the only way a man can live a healthy and productive life. This is where the challenge rises above some members of the testosterone bearing fraternity. Read on to educate yourself on the best and healthiest ways to take proper care of your sexual organ;

  1. Always make sure you change into clean underwear. This is especially because no matter what your age is, semen is sure to find its way into your underwear. The longer it stays on, the more complicated it will be for your health status
  2. Shower more often. This is the only way to keep some awkward smells of testosterone at bay. Besides, most ladies love a man who takes personal hygiene very seriously and has nothing to fear when he finds himself in their company.
  3. Reduce your intake of alcohol. This is the largest contributor to the well-being or downfall of your penis. The secretions that appear on your underwear after a heavy drinking spree is enough to reveal to you about your current state of health.
  4. Treat yourself to long hours of sleep. This way, you get to recharge all the energy used maybe during a workout session, a sexual encounter or some other activity that drained you of your energy.
  5. Use healthy oils after washing it. A gentle massage using essential oils is very healthy and helps in the efficient flow of blood towards the penis.

Ways to get stronger penis with the help of essential oils

The use of essential oils is a healthy way to get a stronger and more masculine penis, let’s see how;

  1. 567juigythMassaging some olive oil onto your penis is guaranteed to give it that much-needed strength, virility, and masculinity. Give it a try and you will have nothing to fear and be ashamed of when your soul mate asks for ‘it’.
  2. Use lavender oil on your penis for a couple of weeks for the purpose of strengthening and soothing the muscles and increasing the flow of blood.
  3. Massage almond oil onto your penis for a truckload of benefits including great sexual performance.

How not to treat your dick

Do not wear ill-fitting bottoms as they are sure to cause trouble on your ‘best friend downstairs.’ Some of the effects include inefficient flow and circulation of blood. Other nutrients such as oxygen will be inhibited from flowing into your penis affecting your libido.