Preparations Made Before An Album Launch

Important decisions should be made by an individual or a musician when he or she wants to release an album to the world. The amount of money, fans or number of followers, number of track and style and genre of music are the factors which guide an individual coming up with the right choice. A band or an artist should have an elaborate plan before launching an album. Most of the musicians usually do not have a plan in place. A marketing plan should be developed and should be drawn up by marketing team, publisher, booking agent, and manager. Refer to the slash album 2010 for more information about the same. The following are the areas which should be addressed before an album launch;



Majority of the artists usually prefer digital distribution since the records are distributed at a faster rate. One is advised to hire a professional distributor in the music industry. For the musicians who are organizing for release party or pre-sale, one should have plenty physical copies of the music. As per music industry standards, Friday is the day which is preserved for any musician wishing to release an album. For an increased reach, one should carry out a lot of research and be well informed of new distribution outlets which are available.


The number of the album a musician release is what defines him or her in the industry. It is vital for an individual to consider having a professional and complete online presence. A musician is recommended to have a website which will aid him or her to market his or her music album to the world. The site should be functional and modern whereby one can be able to update it on personally. The checklist should be downloaded to ensure everything is done in the right ways. The website should have a part where fans or followers will be able to listen to various music tracks in a particular album. A latest happenings section should be introduced.

Social media


Musicians should be able to spend their energy and time in developing a strong online presence for one to be considered as a serious artist who would distribute his or her music. Majority of musicians in the industry do not know the simple basics. One being active on social media platforms will enable professionals in the music industry, fans, and bloggers to be well informed on the one’s upcoming projects and programs. An artist having profiles which are boring will minimize the chances of engaging with fans or followers. Hence the upcoming album will not be well marketed.