Sex Toys – A Buying Guide For Beginners

Various sex toys have been around for hundreds of years, in all kinds of shapes and sizes. However, up until not too long ago, these toys were considered taboo, or even sacrilegious. These days, sex toys have become quite popular. Known by many as marital aids, these toys can facilitate new and exciting sexual pleasures for both couples and individuals.

If you are new to the world of sex toys and if you intend on trying them out for the very first time, you are probably unsure as to how to conduct a good purchase. In order to help you out with this, we have prepared a small sex toy buying guide.57u6yujtyhr5y

The best sex toys to start with

When planning your first sex toy purchase, you should think about the first sex toy you would like to start your experience with. Sex toys can come in a wide variety of different shapes and guises. These can include cock rings, dildos, female and male sex pumps, anal sex toys, strap-ons, sex dolls, vibrator and a whole slew of other toys.

Penetrative and non-penetrative sex toys

If you are looking for a toy that will provide the pleasures of penetrative sex, you should look for a toy that has a certain degree of flexibility. For that, you can try out a plethora of dildos, which are made from a variety of materials. On the other hand, if you are more interested in non-penetrative sex toys, you will have a great option if the form of cock rings, which are mostly made out of rubber or silicon. These toys can help you prolong your erection and make it fuller and firmer, which will lead to an increased sexual satisfaction for both your partner and yourself. Cock rings made out of rubber or silicon are much more flexible than metal cock rings, which are known to cause some restrictions to the wearer, as well as some allergic reactions. If you want to know more about cock rings and other sex toys, you can head over to and learn more.

Sizes and costs

Next up, take into consideration the cost and the size. Make sure to start with smaller, cheaper toys and gradually work up to bigger ones, once you become more experienced. When it comes to smaller toys, mini vibrators are a perfect choice, because they can deliver amazing orgasms and are very small and convenient. When making your first purchase, you will also want to avoid spending too much money, as you can easily end up with a toy that is not designed to satisfy your needs. Once you become familiar with the majority of toys, you can consider spending larger sums of money on them.

The importance of lubricants

ft5y6u7yujtrhIf you plan on using penetrative sex toys for the first time, it would be a good thing to purchase and use a sexual lubricant, especially if you intend to use anal sex toys. In order to achieve a perfectly comfortable experience, you will have to use a lubricant, since the anus does not produce its own natural lubrication.

Some anal sprays and gels are specially designed to relax the anal muscles and the tissue around the anus, so as to make the penetration more comfortable and pleasurable. In addition, you can also consider anal finger stimulators, which are made from silicone and which are very small and easy to use, thus making them ideal for those new to anal sex toys.…

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